What Is Involved With Bed Bug Control?

If you live in or around Pinellas County Florida, you have probably heard of the latest pest control service known as 247 Local Pest Control. This company offers a number of services that range from termite inspections to sealants and deodorizers. What you may not know is that this company is also certified by the Florida Department of Health to do bed bug inspections and for pest control in residential properties. What’s more, the entire inspection process only takes about an hour and the results are instant!

You’ve probably heard horror stories about bed bugs and their horrible smell. While these creatures do leave a bad odor, they are not harmful to humans and they will not bite unless there is an increased level of threat. By making sure your house is free of any potential threat, you will be putting yourself in the best possible position to rid your home of these insects.

The company offers two different methods for pest control. The first method is known as longer treatment. This involves spraying the entire home with the pesticide at one time. Be sure to wear a mask because this can be quite strong.

The second option is the Boric acid spray which is applied through a special canister that contains borax and is placed on the furniture, bedding, cracks, and other problem areas. This method, while more expensive, is far more effective at killing bed bugs because it has a much higher concentration than the fogger treatment. The entire home will be treated with this chemical and it will need to be left on for a few days before the smell associated with the insect disappears. Both of these methods are very effective pest control options, but the bed bugs themselves cannot survive without the outside help of the pest control company.

247 Local Pest Control is licensed by the Department of Health to provide pest control throughout the county. This means that they are fully protected by the Clean Air Act and you will not be required to pay for their services. The company will also make housekeeping and household cleaning a part of their business, so they can always be confident that they are treating the home properly. They will work in conjunction with your pest control technician to ensure that they use the right products and techniques to rid your home of all types of insects.

Bed bugs are a huge problem throughout the country and the fight against them must be done both indoors and outdoors. If you have an infestation, there are many options to choose from. This includes foggers and pesticides, but it is better to use a proven pest control company that works with the entire process from beginning to end. 247 Local Pest Control has proven to be one of the best pest companies in the area and is trusted by many homeowners and renters.