Sewer Line Blockages

If you need to do some serious sewer cleaning then you may find yourself needing a sewer cleanout. A sewer cleanout is a type of underground pipe that provides easy entrance for your home s sewer drain. In case of blocked drainage pipe lines, experienced plumbers will use this pipe for easy access into your home sewer drain pipe. It is exactly like what you’ll do when you unclogging a sink tap drain. With a sewer cleanout, you will be able to access your sewer drain easier and free up your drains.

How to unclog a sewer cleanout: To effectively unclog a sewer drain, you first need to identify the main obstruction that is causing the blockage to develop. The main obstructions are usually fats or scum that are deposited on your pipes when there is an accumulation of grease and or fats. This usually happens in the walls of toilets or in the corners of tubs and showers. It can also be caused by dirt, hair, or debris trapped on the inside walls of your home’s pipes. To effectively unclog a sewer cleanout, you have to locate where the blockage is located, or if it is an older home then you need to start at the basement level. Once you are able to locate where the blockage is, you need to turn off your home water supply.

You then need to locate your home sewer lines and you need to turn off your main sewer line as well as the main water supply line (usually the kitchen sink pipe). You then have to locate where the obstruction is located on your pipe and you should do this by either tapping the pipe or by using a metal pin that is inserted into the pipe. If you have a vertical sewer cleanout, you then need to place a piece of metal or plastic on the inside of the drainpipe. This will help to keep the clothes inside the drainpipe from getting stuck.

Once you have located where the blockage is, you have two options for your plumbing emergency. The first option would be to try to remove the blockage yourself by either unscrewing or flipping the drain pipe over. If this option is not feasible, you will then have to turn to a professional plumber who is experienced in dealing with sewer cleanouts. Some professionals may even be able to remove the blockage without the use of tools or force.

Sewer cleanouts are not only required by the government, but also by some home owners. Some home owners who have homes built on slabs, or concrete foundations, will need to have a sewer cleanout conducted on a regular basis. Sewer cleanouts are usually recommended for homes built on concrete foundations because it is more difficult to cleanse out the pipes than it is to dig a hole in the ground and place the drain pipe into it. Another reason why some homes built on slabs require sewer cleanouts is the increased drainage that occurs as a result of building the house on a slab.

In the end, having your sewer line blocked can be a nuisance and a safety issue. However, it is better to deal with the problem than to ignore it. Your plumbing issues could even extend to your entire home if left untreated. When dealing with plumbing issues, whether they occur in your home or in your business, always call a professional.