Common Pests and How American Pest Control Services Help You Get Rid of Them

American Pest Control is devoted to providing the best services available in pest extermination. QualityPro is a trusted brand, the hallmark of excellence in pest control, established since 1979. QualityPro companies have been a recognized group that continues to constantly act as leaders and innovators in the pest management industry to help provide consumers across the nation with the best quality services possible. The company offers several different management programs, the majority of which are offered on a national basis. American Pest Control continually tests their products against new pest management technologies to determine what is the most effective method for extermination. If you have questions about how your pest problems can best be solved, don’t hesitate to call.

All pest management applications deal with the removal of certain pests from the home, however, some come into play more frequently than others. Among the most common of these include ants, bedbugs, bees, wasps, termites, and rodents. American Pest Control works on all of these types of pests because they are all brought on by the same thing: food sources.

For those looking for a more thorough approach to termite control, American Pest Control offers a variety of options for the home. The most common method of termite extermination is the use of a Terminex Insecticide, also known as Diatomaceous Earth. This substance is applied around the base of the wood of the house, usually at the point where the foundation rests. It penetrates the wood, killing the reproductive termites within twelve hours and preventing them from laying eggs, as well.

One of the more recent methods American Pest Control uses is the use of Boric acid, which is applied to cracks in the wood, or the wood itself. Like the Terminex Insecticide, it also penetrates the wood and kills the reproductive termites. It is important to treat both cracks and wood around the foundation to prevent reinfestation. Unlike other types of pest removal that use chemicals, termite baits are more environmentally friendly and do not damage property or harm people. For this reason, they remain popular among homeowners.

Bed Buggers – another pest infestation that has become all too common in America, bed bugs are invasive species. They are characterized by flat, red raised welts on humans that are found along the entire length of their body, with the exception of the head. These are attracted to human blood and can be found in places that are warm and dark. If you want to know how to remove these pesky insects, American Pest Control recommends that you contact a pest removal professional and let him/her determine how best to get rid of them. The pest controller will then inform you of the options available to you.

As you can see, these are just some of the more common pests that American Pest Control Services can help you with. They offer an array of options for those who have an infestation. To schedule an inspection or call a pest control professional, simply call toll-free, certified pest extermination representatives today.